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    VASSO Aqua Therapy Moisture Boost Shampoo (500 ml)

    VASSO Moisture Boost Shampoo cleanses and purifies the hair while maintains hair’s natural moisture balance. Enriched with Hyaluronic acid formula restores and rebalances moisture while improving the appearance of dry, fragile hair.

    VASSO Aqua Therapy Moisture Light Dual Phase Conditioner (460 ml)

    Vasso Moisture Light Dual Phase Conditioner’s special dual action leave-on formula instantly treats hair cuticle and increases the hair fiber resistance to mechanical and thermal stresses.

    VASSO Aqua Therapy Moisture Light Hair Serum (175 ml)

    Hydrolyzed keratin and caviar extract help to nourish and protect hair properties.

    VASSO Aqua Therapy Moisture Seal Hair Butter (525 ml)

    Special formulation of Vasso Moisture Seal Hair Butter provide fast penetration. Low molecular weight Hyaluronicacid create a local moisture barrier all around the shaft and provide long-lasting moisturization.

    VASSO Color Magnetic Color Defense Hair Mask (525 ML)

    VASSO Color Defense Mask with its microemulsion technology allows hair to maintain its luminous and vivid color like the first day. Amino acid complex helps to protect hair from color fading.

    VASSO Color Magnetic Multi Glow Serum (175 ml)

    VASSO Multi Glow Serum has a lightweight formula that protects your hair color and gives an ultimate shine reflection without any build up. Silk protein leaves hair smooth and silky soft by eliminating frizz.

    VASSO Det-Oxygen Densifying G-Elixir (175 ml)

    VASSO Densifying G-Elixir is designed to give long-lasting fullness and volume to fine and limp hair.

    VASSO Det-Oxygen Densifying Shampoo (500 ml)

    VASSO Densifying Shampoo’s SLS-Free & SLES-Free rich formula soothes and clarifies scalp and hair while restoring moisture, improving volume and manageability.

    VASSO Det-Oxygen Root Energizer (80 ml)

    VASSO Root Energizer composed of a unique combination: glycine, plant extracts, caffeine, zinc and Arginine. This combination of multiple actives helps to activate hair follicle stem cells and promote hair follicle growth.

    VASSO Det-Oxygen Volume Conditioner (460 ml)

    VASSO Volume Hair Conditioner, instantly diffuses into hair and makes it soft and easy to comb. Its formula containing caffeine and arginine provides natural volume to fine, weak and dull hair by adding body to each strand without weighing down the hair.