Jaguar Neck Brush || Professional Hairdressing Neck Duster Brush || 974S

Manufacturer: Jaguar
Jaguar Professional Shaving Brush is made of the best natural hair, pure bristle. With hand made wooden handle. Very large in size.
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Jaguar Rodeo Synthetic Bristle Tall Neck Brush 974S is a classic and high quality essential item that’s a must have for all barbers, stylists or for those who cut their own hair at home.

Jaguar Rodeo Synthetic Bristle Neck Brush bristles are manufactured from the finest and purest synthetic bristles with an ergonomic wooden round handle, making it effective to use.  Designed with a wider width to eliminate the hairs quicker and easier. It’s bristles will remain dense, soft, lush and supple for years to come. Easy to stand upright on any straight surface.

Jaguar Rodeo Synthetic Bristle Tall Neck Brush 974S is a superb handmade neck brush duster that doesn’t drop bristles. It also has a polished metal ring for a greater look. This product will guarantee an effective and efficient was of brushing any unwanted hairs from neck, shoulders or clothes with effortlessness. A great comfort to know that it doesn’t irritate the skin.

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