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    VASSO Aqua Therapy Moisture Seal Hair Butter (525 ml)

    Special formulation of Vasso Moisture Seal Hair Butter provide fast penetration. Low molecular weight Hyaluronicacid create a local moisture barrier all around the shaft and provide long-lasting moisturization.

    VASSO Det-Oxygen Densifying G-Elixir (175 ml)

    VASSO Densifying G-Elixir is designed to give long-lasting fullness and volume to fine and limp hair.

    VASSO Det-Oxygen Root Energizer (80 ml)

    VASSO Root Energizer composed of a unique combination: glycine, plant extracts, caffeine, zinc and Arginine. This combination of multiple actives helps to activate hair follicle stem cells and promote hair follicle growth.

    VASSO S.O.S Treatment Fiber Fortify (80 ml)

    VASSO Fiber Fortify works on a molecular level to find broken bonds in the hair that are caused by external damage. The hair becomes voluminous and more resilience hair.

    VASSO S.O.S Treatment Hair Care Conditioner (460 ml)

    Hydrolyzed keratin and caviar extract provide nourishing , shining and revitalizing hair strands.

    VASSO S.O.S Treatment Recovery Shampoo (500 ml)

    Hydrolyzed keratin and caviar extract with enriched formula nourishing and revitalizing damaged hair.

    VASSO S.O.S Treatment Regeneration BB Cream (175 ml)

    Enriched formula with hydrolyzed keratin and caviar extract repairs and strengthens even most damaged hair.

    VASSO S.O.S Treatment Restorative Cream Mask (525 ml)

    Vasso Professional S.O.S. Treatment Restorative Cream Mask Hydrolyzed keratin and caviar extract help to nourish and protect hair properties.

    VASSO Mustache and Beard Oil (75 ml)

    Vasso Beard Products is simply a wonderful option for those who want to moisturize and nourish their beard.
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