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    Red One Red Hair Wax (150 ml)

    The Red Aqua Hair Wax is considered to be our “best seller” due to its great shine, strong hold and infamous strawberry scent that no one can resist.
    From £2.49

    Red One Orange Gel Wax (150 ml)

    The Gel Wax has a unique fresh and citrus smell, it’s water soluble so, it washes off your hair and hands easily.
    From £2.49

    Red One Bright White Aqua Hair Wax Full Force (150 ml)

    Our newest was has a fresh scent of cleanliness and amazing shine that lasts all day.
    From £2.49

    Red One Technic Professional Hair Clipper Cleaning Oil (200 ml)

    Our hair clipper cleaning oil is ideal and safe for the cleaning of both personal and professional razor machines.
    From £3.49

    Red One Cleaning Face Tonic (250 ml)

    Our Cleaning Face Tonic formula removes effectively fat deposits and dead skin cells. As a result, it blocks blackhead formation by opening the pores.
    From £2.99

    Red One Natural Cologne Pure by Natura – Lemon (150 ml)

    RedOne Natural Cologne Pure By Nature Lemon, developed for deep cleaning, and starting extra protection in hand cleaning.
    From £1.99