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    VASSO Hair Tonic Boost Cocomama (260 ml)

    The special formula of Clove Oil helps stimulate, revitalize and to strengthen the roots of weak hair.
    From £3.49

    VASSO Hair Tonic Cool Fresh(260 ml)

    The special formulation of multivitamin and menthol helps accelerate blood circulation and refrehsess the the scalp for long time.
    From £3.49

    VASSO Hair Tonic Moisturising Cabaguil (260 ml)

    With the help of Macademia Oil it creates a natural barrier for your weak and dry hair also gives vivid and shiny look.
    From £3.49

    VASSO Hair Tonic Sebum Control Camaxtli (260 ml)

    With its special tea tree oil formula, the tonic nourishes and revitalizes the follicles to regulate the moisturizing balance of the scalp.
    From £3.49

    VASSO Hair Tonic Sensitive Canopa (260 ml)

    The tonic helps to soothe the sensitive scalp and renew the cells due to sage oil and calendula extract.
    From £3.49