Vain Foam Mirror || Rectangle || 39.5 * 24.5 cm

Manufacturer: Vain
VAIN Barber mirror is perfect for hairdressing!
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VAIN barber mirror is perfect for hairdressing! The mirror is surrounded by black foam, which cushions the mirror and makes it lightweight. The Total size 39.5cm (15.5"), 24.5cm (9.6"), mirror size 26 cm (10.2") 19.5 cm (7.6") and features easy-carry handles.

EASY TO CLEAN: As our hairdressing mirror features a foam surrounding, it can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth. In the salon environment, there is a lot of products and hair spray being sprayed so don't worry about the mess!

HAPPY CLIENTS: Everyone wants to see the final look of their hair With this hairdressing mirror, you can show your customers the back of their hair with ease. The customer can easily see their hair, and you can show off your creation!

PROTECTION: As our barber mirror is surrounded with foam, you get extra protection where you need it. Don't worry too much about dropping your mirror as it is padded with foam which absorbs shock. Pop this mirror in your barber case!

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