Wahl 5 Star Series Sterling 2 Trimmer

Manufacturer: Wahl
The Wahl 5 Star Series Sterling 2 Trimmer is a rechargeable professional trimmer ideal for outlining and detail work. It features an interchangeable finger ring, quick-release blade, and a powerful rotary motor for up to 90 minutes of cordless operation.
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  • Professional Trimmer: Designed for outlining and detail work, this trimmer offers precision and reliability for professional use.
  • Rechargeable: Provides up to 90 minutes of continuous cordless operation when fully charged, making it convenient for use without the need for constant recharging.
  • Interchangeable Finger Ring: Includes an interchangeable finger ring that ensures a stable trimming position, allowing for better control and accuracy.
  • Quick Release Blade: Features a snap on/off blade for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring the trimmer remains in optimal condition.
  • Rotary Motor: Equipped with a professional rotary motor that delivers consistent power for efficient and effective trimming.
  • Lightweight and Classic Design: Combines a lightweight build with a classic design, providing comfort and style during use.
  • Charging Stand: Comes with a charging stand for easy and convenient recharging and storage.

Kit Content:

  • 4 Cutting Combs: Includes four cutting combs for versatile trimming lengths.
  • Blade Guard: Protects the blade when not in use, ensuring longevity and safety.
  • Interchanging Finger Ring: Offers an ergonomic and stable trimming position.
  • Cleaning Brush: Helps to keep the trimmer clean and free of hair debris.
  • Clipper Oil: Ensures the blade remains lubricated for smooth operation.
  • Recharging Stand: Provides a convenient way to recharge and store the trimmer.
  • Instruction Booklet: Offers detailed guidance on using and maintaining the trimmer.

How To Use:

  1. Charge the Trimmer: Place the trimmer on the charging stand and allow it to fully charge before use.
  2. Select Attachment: Choose the appropriate cutting comb and attach it to the trimmer.
  3. Power On: Turn on the trimmer and use the interchangeable finger ring for better control.
  4. Trim and Outline: Use the trimmer to outline and detail hair as needed.
  5. Clean and Maintain: After use, snap off the blade for easy cleaning. Use the cleaning brush and clipper oil to maintain the trimmer.

The Wahl 5 Star Series Sterling 2 Trimmer is an essential tool for professional barbers and stylists, offering precision, versatility, and ease of use with its advanced features and comprehensive kit.