Wmark G-8 Premium Metal Clear Guards - 8 pcs

Manufacturer: Wmark
Wmark G-8 Premium Metal Clear Guards (8 pcs) are 70% stronger than standard combs, offering extra-strong grip and durability for a smoother, more comfortable cutting experience.
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  • Engineering-Grade Materials: Made from high-quality engineering-grade materials, these guards are 70% stronger than standard plastic combs, providing better rigidity and longevity.
  • Extra-Strong Grip: Features Secure-fit® Technology with metal tabs that offer a stronger hold, ensuring the combs stay securely attached to the clipper blade during use.
  • Durable Construction: Designed to last longer than standard combs, reducing the need for frequent replacements and providing reliable performance over time.
  • Smooth Cutting Experience: The rounded profile of the teeth ensures a smoother cutting experience, making it easier for the user and more comfortable for clients.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Specifically designed to fit Wahl Premium clippers, these combs offer versatile use for professional grooming.
  • Set of 8 Guards: Includes 8 different guard sizes, providing a range of length options for various cutting and styling needs.
  • Professional Quality: Ideal for professional barbers and stylists seeking high-quality, durable, and reliable clipper guards for their grooming toolkit.

How To Use:

  1. Select the Desired Guard Size: Choose the appropriate guard size from the set based on the desired hair length.
  2. Attach to Clipper: Securely attach the guard to the clipper blade using the metal tabs.
  3. Grooming: Begin cutting, moving the clipper with the guard through the hair to achieve the desired length and style.
  4. Switch Guards as Needed: Easily switch between different guard sizes during the grooming session for various lengths and styles.
  5. Store Safely: After use, store the guards in a safe and organized manner for easy access next time.

Wmark G-8 Premium Metal Clear Guards provide professional-grade durability and performance, ensuring a smooth and comfortable cutting experience. Their extra-strong grip and engineering-grade materials make them an essential tool for any barber or stylist seeking reliable and long-lasting clipper guards.