Bandido Face Scrub || Menthol || 300 ml

Manufacturer: Bandido
Bandido Face Scrub (Menthol, 300 ml) refreshes, cleanses, and revitalizes your skin. Lightly scented with menthol, this scrub should be used once or twice weekly for optimal results.
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  • Skin Refreshment: Refreshes your skin, leaving it feeling cool and invigorated.
  • Deep Cleansing: Effectively cleanses your skin, removing impurities and dead skin cells.
  • Revitalizing Formula: Revitalizes your skin, promoting a healthy and radiant complexion.
  • Light Menthol Scent: Lightly scented with menthol, providing a fresh and cooling aroma.
  • Easy to Use: Comes in a 300 ml tub, convenient for regular use.

Key Features:

  • Refreshes Skin: Leaves your skin feeling refreshed and cool.
  • Deep Cleansing Action: Removes impurities and dead skin cells for a clean, smooth complexion.
  • Revitalizes: Promotes a healthy, radiant glow.
  • Pleasant Menthol Scent: Lightly scented with menthol for a refreshing and cooling aroma.
  • Convenient Tub: Packaged in a 300 ml tub, ideal for regular use.

How To Use:

  1. Prepare Skin: Wet your face with warm water to open pores.
  2. Apply Scrub: Take a small amount of Bandido Menthol Face Scrub and gently massage it onto your face in circular motions.
  3. Focus on Key Areas: Pay extra attention to areas prone to dryness or blemishes.
  4. Rinse Thoroughly: Rinse off with warm water, then pat your face dry with a clean towel.
  5. Use Weekly: Use once or twice weekly for best results.