D&D || Dapper & Diva Hair Styling Powder Wax || Strong Touch || 20 g

Manufacturer: Dapper & Diva
Dapper & Diva Hair Styling Powder Wax (Strong Touch, 20 g) instantly adds volume and texture to fine hair with a matte finish, perfect for a full-day hold.
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  • Volume Boost: Instantly adds volume and texture to even the finest hair, giving it a fuller, more voluminous appearance.
  • Antigravity Effect: Provides an antigravity effect that lifts your hair, making it look thicker and more dynamic.
  • Easy to Use: Simply shake the bottle gently before use, and apply to dry hair for immediate results.
  • Matte Finish: Delivers a volumizing matte finish, ensuring your hair looks natural and non-greasy.
  • Extra Strong Hold: Black & red extra strong styling powder ensures your hairstyle stays in place all day long.
  • No Backcombing Needed: Achieve instant volume and texture without the need for backcombing, saving time and effort.
  • Long-Lasting Volume: Provides full volume that lasts throughout the day, keeping your hair looking fresh and styled.
  • Perfect for Professionals: Specially designed for hairdressers and barbers, offering professional-grade styling results.

How To Use:

  1. Apply to Dry Hair: Ensure your hair is dry before application. Shake the bottle gently before use.
  2. Dust and Shape: Sprinkle the powder directly at the roots of your hair.
  3. Instant Volume: Use your fingers to dust and shape your hair for instant volume and texture.

Dapper & Diva Hair Styling Powder Wax (Strong Touch) is the ultimate solution for achieving voluminous, textured hair with a matte finish. Its easy application and long-lasting hold make it an essential product for both personal and professional use.

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