Derby Extra Razor Blades Blue || 200 blades

Manufacturer: Derby
Derby Extra Razor Blades Blue (200 blades) are high-quality super stainless blades suitable for double edge safety razors or cutthroat razors. Coated with chromium-ceramic, tungsten, and platinum for a comfortable shave.
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Derby Extra Razor Blades Blue (200 blades) are designed for those who demand high-quality and versatility in their shaving routine. These superb quality, super stainless blades are compatible with any double edge safety razor and can also be snapped in half for use in a cutthroat razor, providing up to 400 shaves. Each blade is crafted with cutting edges deposited with chromium-ceramic, tungsten, and platinum, ensuring exceptional durability and sharpness. This unique combination of materials enhances the blade's performance, providing a close and comfortable shave every time. For added comfort, the blades are coated with a polymer layer that reduces friction and irritation, making your shaving experience smoother and more enjoyable. Whether you're a professional barber or someone who enjoys a quality shave at home, Derby Extra Razor Blades Blue deliver outstanding results. Packaged in a convenient 200-blade count, these blades ensure you have a long-lasting supply for your grooming needs. Experience the superior quality and performance of Derby Extra Razor Blades Blue and elevate your shaving routine to the next level.