D&D || Dapper & Diva Two Phase Conditioner || Keratin || 400 ml

Manufacturer: Dapper & Diva
Dapper & Diva Two Phase Conditioner with Keratin (400 ml) enhances hair shine and repairs damaged cuticles, perfect for dull, dry, and damaged hair.
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  • Enhances Shine: Formulated with keratin, it significantly improves hair shine, leaving your hair looking vibrant and healthy.
  • Repairs Damage: Keratin helps to re-structure and repair damaged cuticles caused by environmental stress, restoring hair health and strength.
  • Specially Formulated: Designed for dull, dry, and damaged hair types, providing the nourishment and care these hair types need.
  • Suitable for Daily Use: Gentle enough for daily application, ensuring consistent care and maintenance of your hair's health.
  • Easy to Use: The two-phase formula is simple to apply and does not require rinsing, making it a convenient addition to your hair care routine.

How To Use:

  1. Shake Well: Shake the product thoroughly to completely mix the two phases.
  2. Spray Evenly: Spray the conditioner all over previously washed hair that has been dried with a towel.
  3. No Rinse Needed: Do not rinse out the conditioner. Leave it in to allow the keratin to work its magic on your hair.

Dapper & Diva Two Phase Conditioner with Keratin is your go-to solution for enhancing shine and repairing damage in dull, dry, and damaged hair. Its easy application and daily use suitability make it a perfect choice for maintaining healthy, beautiful hair.